Venomous Hiss

You can kill me with a glance, your sweet smile cuts like a knife
So if you really love me my darling-
Just get the hell out of my life!
But if you do decide to stay you’ll regret it for life
For you don’t know how I want to love –
How I want to kill without a knife!

Your games are sick and disgusting,
Why pretend to be generous and kind
If you think you can win over me like this
You are seriously out of your mind!
For in the guise of a lover,
You’ve only smiles and glances to play with
And in return you’re satisfied with sonnets and words,
Gosh! You make me sick!

Do you realize you’ve robbed me of what I had –
My earthly pleasures, my eternal bliss!
I hold serious grievances against you –
Do you think I concentrate and aim – to miss!
If you doubt my intentions or feelings
Just listen to this venomous hiss –
I’ve waited for long without complaining
Its time I got my rewards, Miss!

Give me what was always mine and I’ll forgive you Gee Whiz
If not a warm embracing hug, then at least the Goodbye Kiss.


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