To The Tempest within the Sea

In all my dreams, I always saw,
A sea that was deep and storming;
Until I swam, with waves of it,
And then it was cool and charming.
These visions persist, they haunt my soul,
But I don’t know whether I’ll swim-
For I could never jump, in the coquettish sea,
What if the results were grim!

So I went to a pool and I knew I could try,
To swim in the part they call deep;
But if I were to drown before riding the sea;
Then who will my promises keep?
And how can I swim in the shallow,
Where my feet may be touching the ground,
And I know that if I’m not going to swim,
I am also not going to drown.

So I watch with envy, those that swim,
Whether in the pool or the sea,
Most playing in the shallow,
And pretending its the deep they see.
And I kept my distance from your tides,
But today the memories are strong-
Despite your water, you’re thirsty;
And the tempest has been dormant for long.

Don’t tease me now, don’t touch my feet,
Pull me with waves of hunger,
If you can’t make me swim, then drown me deep,
Just tear my heart asunder.


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