The Sinking Of the Titanic

What happens when the titanic sinks –
Forging gaps and breaking links?
Does the curse of history accentuate its doom –
And the rocking grounds tragic memories groom?

You say you are just onlookers –
But your heart does beat!
Can the same be said of me –
The captain of this fleet?
Can my heart dare to beat
When my ship has just sunk
And I’ve just woken from a sleep – badly drunk?

From the warmth and comfort of a cozy star-board,
With masts and sails steering towards a port;
To be thrown in the cold and stormy sea,
With just my arms to help and guide me
Towards whatever my Destiny be.

Surely Love’s Labor Lost should have made me cry
But I am soaring like a bird in the lonely sky.


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