The Old Man And The Sea

The calm surface of the sea,
The gently blowing winds,
The memories fading fast and quiet,
Of cabbages and kings!
The silent mist that blows today,
Obscures the sea of past;
All ripples but die with time and space
– Their turbulence can never last.

The mermaids – if not a trick of the weary mind –
Surfaced for a moment or two,
And they are gone for good, and the water they splashed
Has finally settled too.
I’ve all but forgotten the fish beneath,
Whom I once thought hooked and caught!
And which got out of my net ‘cause I was never sure
Whether a mermaid or a fish I sought.

So another hungry, dreary day
Without a fish to roast;
No foolish fish fall in my boat,
Neither mermaids nor their ghost.
But I’m all but cured of the fishing game
And have emerged high and dry –
I’ve fixed my gaze on the calm stretches of the sea
And on the deeper blues of the sky.

“We’ll meet again”, “See you”,
“Good lucks” and “Goodbye”
You know that I can’t kill you
So why don’t you just die?


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  1. maxx-en said

    2002 bukkake

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