? Revisited

Can the sound of dewdrops echo the yearnings of heart?
Can the loves I am bound to discover,
be my imagination’s integral part?
Can the winds blow in tandem with flights from reality?
Can the immortal poet within me misinterpret your acts of pity?

Can the stars be drawn closer – by magnetic attraction?
Can the long nights of aching justify the hallucination?
Can the legends start asserting
as the feet for The Shoe are being made?
Can the heart-strings start vibrating
to overtures of a mute good bade?

Can the change of perspective be due to passage of time?
Can it mean I never knew love whether crude or sublime?
Can the dancing of hearts be an elaborate lie?
Can I let the passion of romance in me die?

Can the story be fictious, can the characters be made?
Can there be no answers, nor questions in my fate?


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