On The Twilight of Departure

How beautiful is the setting sun,
Driven by the frenzy of departing from the earth,
Placing on her cheek the dusk’s passionate kiss,
Witnessing in his heart alien feelings’ birth.
Blushing red, mellowed and humble,
Trying to placate the scorching earth,
By his elongated kiss he tries to prove
That he’s gentle and caring and is of memories worth.

How beautiful is the dying flame,
Performing the cosmic dance as she nears her end,
Flaring and reaching out to forget the pain
That she couldn’t light the space beneath her earthen stand.
Burning with passion, consumed to core,
Trying to put her best in the last chance she’s got
By her total annihilation she tries to prove,
That she’d wished to light galaxies – it’s not her fault if she’s not god.

We lesser mortals, who witness your shame,
Do not know what to make of your departing plight –
Of being nice and sacrificial – and your devilish game
Of haunting by your memories in the forthcoming night.
For you raise our hopes for a moment or two
And in that eternity your images we cherish in our hearts
And what pleasures you derive when you dramatically bring forth
That maybe it’s the last time…..that we do have to part!

Your bravura hurts us; we see no reasons why,
You shouldn’t leave quietly as a bird fades in the sky,
Our hearts are already weary they need no reasons to cry,
So spare us the agony of a formal goodbye.


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