Love-filled hearts ‘? Re-revisited’

The dewdrops may be silent, but let not their silence deceive;
For they may not sound sweet, but dry they cannot be.
So if you’ve a love-filled heart that’s ready to receive,
There is no dearth of true love you’re bound to see.
The mirage and water may be two sides of a coin,
But if you know the difference why bother to join;
For in the innocent perception of a love-filled heart,
The stars may be distant but they are never apart.

The hearts that dance to the music of love,
Are both deaf and blind and do not Cinderella’s seek,
They create Cinderella’s out of apparent void,
And so the love-filled hearts legendary promises keep.
The day and the night and the dusk and the dawn,
On the board of time are but the moves of a pawn,
Only a love-filled heart with poise befitting a king,
By its graceful presence to the boards some meaning bring.

A love-filled heart that is trusting and tame,
That gives, that accepts, that is eternally naive,
By its open vulnerability it shows to the world,
What needs be done if you’d be truly brave.
If you ever find one that’s not exactly as you dreamed,
That on the surface is wild and at times likes to be smart,
Then what option you have but to accept as providence schemed,
For you don’t need to tame, you can trust a love-filled heart.

I extend to you a love-filled heart, and I don’t mind if you call this poetry or prose,
For in the love-filled hearts domain, neither doubts, nor desires, nor restrictions arose;
And my poems rejoice with its radiance, though at times I’m much in the dark,
Why else should sonnets about love-filled hearts, after them leave a question mark?


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