Frail Feathers Forever Fly

Frail feathers forever fly –
Teasing everybody, causing no one any harm,
Reveling in their freedom,
Rejoicing in their charm.
Drifting with the wind –
Why needlessly stand against it ?
– And in the antagonism that prevails
Loose themselves bit-by-bit.

I was one of them –
Floating light and gay,
More fragile, more freaky,
More foolish you may say;
And there you were –
A lady with much taste
With a bag strewn of feathers
Adoring your waist.

Hoping to touch and tickle you
And make you understand
Teasing and taunting you…
… And finally surrendering to your hand
I was sure that by my softness
You would know what feathers are for –
And either set me free;
Or cherish in your heart and in a casket store.

Can’t you see how I’ve been twisting and twitching
Since the day I fell in your lap
And you’ve left me as nothing more
But just another feather in your cap.


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